Parking changes for Auchenblae?


No waiting double yellow lines in Auchenblae could be painted a paler shade.

At the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee it was agreed that the statutory procedure could start to allow for changes to be made on Auchenblae streets.

There is proposed new restrictions which could see a different shade of colour used owing to the conservation status.

In a report by Director of Infrastructure Services Stephen Archer it said: “Auchenblae now has ‘Conservation Area’ status, and consultation with the planning authority has informed us that waiting restrictions can be considered in Auchenblae, provided they are applied in a sympathetic manner i.e. coloured primrose or cream.

“It is considered that the waiting restrictions would still be beneficial to improve road safety.”

The proposed ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions are for Kintore Street/Mackenzie Avenue, High Street / Mackenzie Ave Junction and Burnett Street / Monboddo Street.

Councillor Ian Mollison queried the colour of the markings that may cause confusion to drivers.

He said: “If you see primrose or cream lines, well I am sure it’s very tasteful but you don’t have a clue what they mean. You might think a local resident has been at it with a tin of paint.”