Parking mad

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AS a mother of one (soon to be two) young children, I gratefully take advantage of parent and child parking provision when visiting the supermarket.

The extra room provided on either side of the space is incredibly helpful when you are trying to get a baby or toddler into or out of their car seat, and of course the close proximity to the shop door is very handy when you are trying to manoeuvre a heavy shopping trolley and a two year-old across the car park.

I am not the only one who makes use of these ‘parent and child’ allocated spaces, they are extremely well-used. The trouble is, that they are often used by lone drivers or others who have no children whatsoever accompanying them!

While I can see the appeal to a hurried driver of a space right by the door, parking a little further away will add only seconds on to their trip, and free up a much-needed space for a parent.

I have heard arguments from people who say that they park in parent and child spaces because they do not see why we get preferential parking. There is nothing wrong with our legs, after all.

But the close proximity does in fact serve a purpose by reducing the risk of small children being hit by reversing cars and other hazards as they make their way across the car park.

Rachel Campbell