Path branded a “hazard”

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ELDERLY residents in an area in Portlethen are becoming increasingly worried about the safety of a main path that leads them to their nearest amenities.

A petition from residents at The Square in Portlethen was presented to Portlethen and District Community Council on Tuesday by two of the residents.

The two residents in attendance expressed their concern over a pathway through the nearby Nicol Park.

The path is the main walkway from The Square to the nearby shops and the residents in attendance were incredibly concerned about the number of elderly people who live in the area and use the path.

The pathway, which is surrounded by waterlogged grass, becomes flooded and it is unclear to the residents exactly why but they suspect the water is coming from an open drain rather than coming from blocked drains due to rainfall.

One of the residents who brought the petition said: “It’s a very important path that people use it to walk to the Post Office and the nearby shop.

“It’s a walkway that’s particularly used by older people as there’s many of them that live around this area. My wife’s on a mobility scooter and she struggles to use the path as it dips down.

“My main point is that Viewmount in Stonehaven are aware of this problem and they haven’t done anything about it. They know it’s a hazard - and if someone falls and hurts themselves, can they sue Aberdeenshire Council?

“They’re very aware it’s a walking route and we’re looking at an immediate problem here. The water is definitely coming from underneath the ground - the exact area was dug up by the council two years ago and nothing has been done since. It’s only a matter of time before someone slips and seriously injuries themselves.”

Aberdeenshire Council Head of Roads and Landscape Services, Philip McKay, said: “Our team is aware of an issue with water gathering on the footpath at Nicol Park in Portlethen.

“Short terms measures have been put in place to remove the water from the area. A longer term solution of installing drainage at the footpath is under consideration.”