PDCC question junction

Portlethen and District Community Council have voiced their concerns over why a petition, which supported the implementation of a safer junction in Portlethen, was so “blatantly ignored”.

Paul Melling wrote to Transport Scotland on behalf of the PDCC and stated that a petition, which was signed by over 250 people in 2006 for deceleration and acceleration lanes to be built on the A90 at the Bruntland Road junction, was “urgently requested” but “blatantly ignored”.

The petition - PE 1020 - was granted in 2007 by the Public Petition Committee.

The comments were made when the PDCC were informed of Transport Scotland’s plan to close off the south junction into Portlethen. The PDCC confirm in their letter that they are in favour of “Order 201” - the imposition of a probhition of right turns from the northbound carriageway to Bruntland Road and right turns from the junction north onto the A90.

Paul Melling said surveyors assured him when measuring up for a slip road that if the footpath was moved, no additional land would be required and the cost would be under £300,000. Mr Melling said when speaking about RTCs: “I would dread to think what the cost would be both in injury and monitory costs which, based on reported figures, could be in the region of two million pounds. This makes acceleration/deceleration lanes look extremely inexpensive.”