Pedestrian access to Braehead ‘unsafe’

A RESIDENT of Braehead in Stonehaven has called for moves to be made to create a safer walkway between the development and the town centre.

Residents, including schoolchildren, use Greenden Road - a public road which connects the A957 with an existing path into the estate. - to walk in to the town.

Greenden Road is a narrow ‘country’ road off the A957 that serves some rural properties between the A957 and Dunnottar Castle, which leads to the A92.

The Braehead estate has an emergency access road onto Greenden Road which is blocked off to general traffic, but is used by pedestrians to access the town.

Stuart Johnston, who lives with his family at Braehead, told the Leader that there is no safe walkway into the town.

He explained that there was no stipulation for the developers to provide a footpath when they were given planning permission, something that he feels was an oversight by the local authority.

He said: “People are using a public road to walk in to Stonehaven and it just isn’t safe. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

“I realise that Greenden Road is a public road and that putting in footpaths would be difficult, but there are children using it and cars come round the bend on to the road very fast.

“I think some traffic calming measures would go a long way to helping make it safer for pedestrians.”

Local councillor, Peter Bellarby, told the Leader that he had been contacted by a local resident about the need for a safe pedestrian route from the Braehead housing development to the centre of Stonehaven.

Sometime ago work was done on the A957 road including the installation of a crossing point on this road and the introduction of a speed limit.

Cllr Bellarby said: “What is needed now is work done on Greenden Road to complete the pedestrian route. Greenden Road connects the A957 with an existing path into the estate. Putting in a footpath alongside the road would be very difficult due to steep sides and drops so either the road needs to be stopped up to vehicular traffic altogether or speed bumps installed. Mr Johnston first raised this with me in June of this year and at that time it was agreed that these measures would be considered with a likely timescale of six months.

“I have to agree with Mr Johnston that a safe pedestrian route from Braehead to the town centre is needed so I am now pressing that the matter is resolved.”

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council said: “We are currently looking to include some traffic calming on Greenden Road in next year’s programme of works, subject to the availability of funds and set against competing demands.

“At this stage, the cost of installing a footpath would be prohibitive, due the land profile on each side at the west end of the road.

“To date we have installed a Puffin crossing for residents walking into town; extended the footpath along the main road; extended speed limits on the main A957 road, extended into Greenden Road; installed street lighting, including on Greenden Road; and introduced an interactive sign to help reduce traffic speeds on the A957.”