A90 southbound back to two lanes

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Two lanes are open again on the southbound carriageway of the A90 at Stonehaven.

Transport Scotland says work on the new structure carrying the route over B979 Netherley Road has progressed sufficiently to allow the reinstatement.

But it warns there will be further lane closures before the carriageway is completed, although this will only be in place at off-peak, overnight and weekend periods.

The current 50mph restriction will remain until work in the area is finished.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: “A number of side roads and bridges built as part of the AWPR/B-T project are opening in advance of the new trunk road.

“A new lane has now become available for use on the new bridge at Stonehaven as part of a temporary road layout, meaning two lanes of traffic can once again run in both directions on the A90.

“This is not only good news for motorists who use the A90 at Stonehaven, it is also a sign that the works on the new bridge at Stonehaven are progressing well since the beams for the northbound carriageway were put in place only a few months ago in October.

“As with any change to road layout, we strongly encourage road users to drive with more caution than usual. We would also kindly request that drivers observe all of the signage in place to enhance the safety of road users and road workers.”