Aberdeenshire Council sets winter operations in motion

Aberdeenshire Council is again putting its winter operations into motion to ensure it can respond to whatever the weather throws at it in the coming months.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12th November 2021, 2:35 pm
With winter conditions approaching, maintenance support teams are kicking into top gear.
With winter conditions approaching, maintenance support teams are kicking into top gear.

Once again, the council is readying its fleet of 55 gritters, support vehicles and around 300 dedicated Roads and Landscape staff to ensure residents and businesses can travel and operate as freely as possible through potentially challenging conditions.

Depot salt stocks are at full capacity and will continue to be restocked throughout the winter, ensuring treatments can be actioned as necessary. Typically, the local authority will use around 45,000 tonnes of salt annually to ensure that the region’s 3,424-mile road network - and around 1,000 miles of footways - remains safe for all users.

The council’s Roads team carefully monitors both weather forecasts and actual road surface temperatures to ensure crews react as quickly as possible to changing conditions.

And, while it is impossible to keep all surfaces clear and free of snow and ice at all times, lessons learned from previous years are routinely implemented in a bid to minimise the impact of severe weather. In addition, the council has contracts in place with around 120 local farmers who will help clear snow from minor rural roads wherever necessary.

Philip McKay, Head of Roads and Infrastructure Services, says: “With winter conditions approaching, preparations by our maintenance support teams are kicking into top gear. Our maintenance operational teams, farmers, contractors and snow wardens are also readying themselves for the winter season ahead.

“With the ongoing shortage of HGV drivers and the effects of the pandemic, the supply chain has been stretched throughout Scotland, however we have prepared our rotas in similar fashion to previous years, and at present we don’t envisage any shortages. We have been busy in recent weeks restocking all depots with salt and sand, with all plant and equipment undergoing rigorous inspections in readiness for the months ahead.”

For more information visit: https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/roads--travel/roads/winter-maintenance/