Brave Stonehaven defy terror with trip to Paris

Paris, France after the terrorist attacks where the Stonehaven competed days later
Paris, France after the terrorist attacks where the Stonehaven competed days later

A Stonehaven and Laurencekirk Highland dancing group has braved the current turbulent environment in Paris after the terrorist tragedies by flying to and performing in the French capital.

The dancers from the Lindsay School of Dance travelled to Disneyland Paris just days after the horrors to participate in one of the biggest Highland dancing competitions in Europe - the International Gathering of Scottish Highland Dancers.

After the attacks, in which over 130 people where killed all over the city, the group - aged from six to 21 - had to seriously consider the safety of making the trip.

Once the decision to go ahead had been made, the dancers competed against others from all across the world, and won a slew of medals in the process.

The group’s Mrs Lindsay said: “It was a great experience for the girls. We just travelled from the airport straight to Disneyland Paris.

“On the Saturday morning (after the attacks) I asked them what they thought about still going, but they were all happy enough to go ahead.

“They danced really, really well. They all came home with medals. I am really proud of them,”

She added that they felt surprisingly safe.

“You wouldn’t have thought anything had happened just a couple of days before.

“I just felt everything was getting back to normal. I felt really safe, I am just grateful we did go.”

Renee MacGregor, who attended with six-year-old-daughter, Isla, said that there was a few ‘blips’, but the trip was ‘incredible’ otherwise.

“One time we were at the train station at Paris and it got evacuated. We had no idea what happened, the whole station was evacuated.

“But it was a trip of a lifetime. The girls will never forget it.”