Call for more roadworks signage

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Aberdeenshire West and Kincardine MP Andrew Bowie has issued a “safety first” message after claims road repairs left a section of a Mearns road dangerous to use.

Recent work on the B966 Fettercairn to Edzell used “surface dressing” to seal damaged sections.

However, Mr Bowie said laying down loose chips on hot tar presents a short-term skidding risk and motorists usually encounter 20mph speed limit signs.

Fettercairn residents have reported a lack of signs alerting road users to the conditions and to closures while workers were on site.

Mr Bowie has asked Aberdeenshire Council and its contractors to be more stringent on signposting potential “danger zones”.

He said: “Surface dressing is a fact of life on our roads, as they are quick and effective at a time when budgets are tight. It does make roads very dangerous, however.

“The soft and treacherous surface is wholly unsuitable for bicycles and motorcycles and many motorists would prefer to use another road.

“It’s not much better for cars - I’ve experienced a chipped windscreen on this kind of surface.

“Road users need to know about dangers coming up so they can plan appropriately.”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “Surface dressing in Aberdeenshire is carried out in accordance with nationally recognised specifications and guidance.

“This includes putting up signs making road users aware of the works. The signs remain shortly after the work is complete to advise road users that there are chips on the road.

“Other safety measures include speed limits on roads being maintained and post-surface dressing sweeps to make sure as many loose chippings are swept up.”