Calls for action to prevent A92 accidents

Councillor Ian Mollison says Transport Scotland's response is "disappointing"
Councillor Ian Mollison says Transport Scotland's response is "disappointing"

The Scottish Government is being urged to take action to prevent further accidents on a stretch of the A92 near Newtonhill.

North East MSP Mike Rumbles and North Kincardine Councillor Ian Mollison are concerned at the number of incidents involving vehicles leaving the road close to a bend southbound between Cammachmore and the village.

Mr Rumbles has lodged a parliamentary written question asking that in light of recent road accidents, what action is being taken to prevent future accidents and possible injury or death of road users.”

Liberal Democrat colleague Councillor Mollison contacted Transport Scotland last month but admitted he was “disappointed” by the response.

He said: “Far too many cars leave the road, cross the footpath and hit the banking, with some having gone through the fencing to end up in the gardens of houses in St Michael’s Road.”

The councillor has called for Transport Scotland to investigate further. He originally wrote to the government agency in October, 2015, over his concerns at the number of accidents on the stretch.

He said this week: “It is remarkable no-one has been seriously injured or killed yet, given the number of times street lights have been knocked over and fences destroyed.

“Transport Scotland should at least investigate to see if there is a common cause.

“Councillors and residents are not told what has caused accidents, so unless there is a court case, we are in the dark.

“So why is this happening? Can anything be done, such as chevrons or a crash barrier?”

Transport Scotland says it appreciates there have been a number of incidents involving vehicles leaving the carriageway, although no injuries were recorded and as these are not reported to Police Scotland this data is not generally used to identify sites for investigation.

Derek Williamson, road safety manager for the route, replied: “Road safety is of paramount importance to the Scottiosh Government.

“Transport Scotland assess the safety performance of the trunk road network on an annual basis by screening all locations where three or more personal injury accident patterns occur in a three-year period and rates in the form of Route Accident Reduction Plans (RARP).

“In recent years, this location has not been identified as a site for concern from our annual safety review.”

The agency says it will continue to monitor safety as part of the annual review process.