Councillor calls on council to 'up its game' over public toilets

An Aberdeenshire councillor has launched a campaign to save Inverbervie’s public toilets.

Monday, 14th June 2021, 11:07 am
Councillor Leigh Wilson wants the toilets in Bervie reopened in time for the summer season.

And Councillor Leigh Wilson (Mearns Alba) has called on the council to ‘up its game’ before the summer holidays when the tourist season starts in earnest.

Councillor Wilson has highlighted the crucial importance of the public toilets in Bervie, which form part of the local lirarly, and has asked local residents to make their views known while a review is undertaken by Aberdeenshire’s Library Service into the wider estate.

He said: “Having access to public toilets in Bervie is absolutely essential. We are coming out of this pandemic and this year, perhaps more than any other year, we are expecting tourists to be flocking to our coastal villages for staycations and weekend trips.

"We can’t advertise the Mearns as a wonderful place to come while at the same time telling visitors to go behind a tree when they need the toilet. The pandemic has given Aberdeenshire a chance to pull in visitors who may have ordinarily holidayed abroad, so it’s important that we pull out all of the stops and make sure that people leave our communities with a feeling of wanting to come back.”

Aberdeenshire Council started reopening some of its public toilets last July after being closed for the initial Covid-19 lockdown, but not all of the facilities have reopened and some, such as in Bervie, are in abeyance pending a further review. But with increased footfall expected over the summer months, the council has come under pressure to reopen most of its public conveniences.

Mr Wilson continued, “Bervie is the hub of the coastal strip in the Mearns and people tend to use it as a base to explore other nearby villages. That being the case, we need to invest in adequate facilities – and a public convenience is the least visitors expect when they come to the Burgh.

"I recognise there is the Leisure Centre, of course, but they have limited opening hours at times and we need to hit the ground running this tourist season. The Mearns has such a lot to offer tourists: the coastal walk, the quaint fishing villages, and wonderful farm shops such. Let’s make sure we are ready to show ourselves at our best for when the summer holidays start.”