Crisp packet recycle scheme

An initiative is under way in Stonehaven to help residents recycle crisp packets.

Monday, 4th March 2019, 12:54 pm
Updated Monday, 4th March 2019, 12:57 pm
Chris Scott helps out at CCS and wants people to support the crisp packet scheme

It comes after Walkers launched the first nationwide packet recycling scheme.

All brands of crisp packets are accepted and will be turned into basic plastic items, such as park benches.

Cornerstone Connects Stonehaven (CCS) has introduced a collection point at its shop in Evan Street.

The charity, which provides care and support to the local community, says the scheme is starting to take off in the town.

David Neill, who runs the shop with Adele Mackie and another member of staff, told the Leader: “Everyone in the community will get something from it because the crisp packets are not being thrown in the streets or in the sea and they are going to be recycled.

“We send them away and we, as a charity, will get that donation which goes towards Cornerstone, so it’s a win-win really.”

Adele added: “There is also a collection point in Bervie School and Forest View Day Centre are behind us and are going to start collecting and dropping off here.”

Local Councillor Sarah Dickinson praised the initiative.

She said: “This is another great opportunity to support the environment by disposing of crisp packets so they can be recycled rather than go to landfill.

“Thanks are owed to CCS for signing up to the Walkers’ scheme to make this now easy to do for residents in and around Stonehaven, in particular.”