'Deplorable act of vandalism' condemned by ScotRail

A ‘deplorable act of vandalism’ to flower beds at Stonehaven rail station has been condemned by ScotRail.

By Morag Kuc
Friday, 13th August 2021, 1:44 pm
British Transport Police are investigating CCTV footage of the incident.
British Transport Police are investigating CCTV footage of the incident.

On the first anniversary of the Stonehaven rail crash – in which three people died – rail users were faced with a scene of carnage with plants on platform 2 having been pulled from their beds and strewn across the station.

The beautiful display had been the work of the Stonehaven Horizon Group who said they were ‘disappointed’ that this should happen at any time, but particularly not at this time.

ScotRail said the vandalism had occurred on Wednesday night and British Transport Police were investigating after the incident was captured on CCTV.

A spokesman for ScotRail emphasised that the flowers in question were not those which had been laid in memory of the victims of the derailment, adding: “This is a deplorable act of vandalism. Anti-social behaviour of this kind has no place on Scotland’s Railway.

“The incident, which took place late on Wednesday evening, has been reported to British Transport Police and we will work with the authorities to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.”

At 12.43am on August 12, 2020, a landslip resulted in a train derailing from the tracks at Carmont, just south of Stonehaven.

The crash claimed the lies of train driver Brett McCullough, passenger Christopher Stuchbury and conductor Donald Dinnie.

The families of the three men gathered at Stonehaven Station for a private ceremony on Thursday to mark the first anniversary of the tragedy, while a minute’s silence was also observed.