Dunnottar Castle has an air of romance

Ken and Grace at Dunnottar Castle after becoming engaged
Ken and Grace at Dunnottar Castle after becoming engaged

Dunnottar Castle attracts tourists from all over the world, who look to explore and discover the history of the ancient site.

In recent years there has been an increasing amount of visitors who choose it as the setting for marriage proposals

Ken Cherry and Grace Jurkowsk, travelled from Chicago to get engaged at the castle on New Years’ Eve.

Ken has a family connection to the area, his grandparents emigrated to the US in the 1920s from Dundee and his grandmother’s parents were from Laurencekirk and are buried in the church cemetery there. He still has family in Scotland and returns regularly to see them.

Grace’s great-grandparents also emigrated from Scotland to Canada, so their first trip to Scotland together was important to them.

Ken has visited Dunnottar many times and said he chose it to propose as he knew “nature person” Grace would love the stunning location.

Ken added: “It is a beautiful stark place, and the castle is the most stunning ruin I have ever been to – and I’ve been to over 80 countries, so that’s a big deal.”

Couples can also get married at Dunnottar, with 12 weddings booked so far for 2019.

The castle offers a variety of locations for the ceremony, including the ancient chapel, under the iconic Smithy Arch, on the cliffs overlooking the castle or, in the event of bad weather, in the drawing room. Ceremonies of up to 60 people can be accommodated.

Emma Matthews, director of castle wedding planners Timeless White, said: “Dunnottar is a completely unique location for weddings in Scotland, the ocean setting paired with the monumental beauty and history make for a perfect offering for couples travelling to Scotland for their weddings.

“Many travelling bridal couples want a location which is obviously identifiable as Scotland, with scenery and a castle.”

Many local couples also choose Dunnottar for their wedding.

Emma added: “It’s great to work with locals who also appreciate the beauty of the location and the unique practical considerations that need to be made to be married at a castle with over 200 steps to access!”