Everyone is on song for Strichen Festival return

After a two-year absence the Buchan Heritage Society hosted the Strichen Festival on May 20/21.

By Brian Yule
Friday, 27th May 2022, 4:40 pm
Pictured with their trophies are (clockwise, from top left) Buchanhaven School, Jaiden John Whyte, James Grant, Tracy Geddes and Strichen School
Pictured with their trophies are (clockwise, from top left) Buchanhaven School, Jaiden John Whyte, James Grant, Tracy Geddes and Strichen School

Festival organiser Janet Robinson said: “We are unsure of how folk would respond even with the easing of restrictions, but we needn’t have worried.

“Friday evening kicked off with dancing to the Garioch Blend, which was a grand sicht tae see and then Saturday hailed the competitions.

“This year it was reduced to Doric verse, Doric story, Ballad and Bothy Ballad singing, and fiddle and accordion.

“We were very pleased with the entries, and especially to see our youngsters back again, but unfortunately had no accordions so players why don’t you have a go next year.

"Our Saturday night concert was a bit different this year we felt it fitting to hold a memorial concert for past chairperson and a long-standing committee member Sandy May.

"We knew he wouldn’t want a sad dreich occasion so we tapped our feet to the Garioch Blend and listened, laughed and joined in with the Doric verse, songs and bothy ballads, while Robert Lovie, Robbie Shepherd and our compere Gordon Hay spoke about Sandy.

"It was a great concert, and one Sandy would have loved.”

Prize winners –

Doric Verse : under 9 Jaiden John Whyte, 10-12 James Grant, open Gordon Hay/Peter Chapman.

Story Telling: open Bob Mitchell.

Fiddle: junior Seren Campbell, intermediate Emma Cameron.

Bothy Ballad: ladies Moira Stewart, men Geordie Murison.

Ballad: junior Lanna Auchnie, ladies Natalie Chalmers, men Geordie Murison.

Les Wheeler Plinth (Best Young Singer): Lanna Auchnie

John Murdoch Henderson Trophy (Fiddle Slow Strathspey): Emma Cameron.

Robbie Shepherd Shield (Doric Verse): James Grant.

The society announced the results of the Doric Writing Competition.


Junior 1 (9 years and under): 1 (The Johnston Shield) Elizabeth King , 2 Piotr Indryszczak, 3 Cassie Sayers (all Buchanhaven School).

Junior 2 (10-12 years): 1 (The Johnston Shield) Grace White-Laird (Strichen School), 2 Isaac Murray (Buchanhaven School), Neil Jones (Strichen School).

Intermediate (13-17 years): 1 (The Fraserburgh Herald Trophy) Aaron Jones (Kemnay), 2 Georgie Steven, 3 Jake Batho (both Banchory Academy).

Open: 1 (The Robbie Shepherd Quaich) Brian Thomson (Edinburgh), 2 Bob Mitchell (Haddington), 3 Deborah Leslie (Inverurie).


Junior 1 (9 years and under): 1 (The Duncan & Todd Shield) Ava Johnston, 2 Morven Baird, 3 Eilidh Macfarlane (all Strichen School).

Junior 2: 1 (Buchan Heritage Society Shield): Georgia West, 2 Charlie Duncan, 3 Abbie Ironside (all Macduff Primary).

Intermediate: 1= (Buchan Heritage Society Shield) Erin Donohoe and Olivia Forbes (both Banchory Academy).

Open: 1 (The Morven Sivewright Ploo) Tracy Geddes (Fraserburgh), 2 Bill Cox (Bridge of Don), 3 Mary Munro (Ballater).

The society’s AGM is on June 1 in Longside Parish Church Hall at 7.30pm, with entertainment from Robert Lovie and Murray Cowie – all are welcome.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​