Laurencekirk campaign to target A90 speeders

A new campaign is under way to target speeding drivers on the A90 at a stretch near Laurencekirk.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th January 2020, 10:15 am
An average of 20 drivers a day are flouting the 50mph speed limit at Laurencekirk
An average of 20 drivers a day are flouting the 50mph speed limit at Laurencekirk

Latest figures reveal that more than 1700 motorists exceeded the 50mph limit between October and December last year on the section near the A937 junction.

North Safety Camera Unit has started an initiative to raise awareness of the speed limit.

Representatives will visit the local primary schools and businesses, launch an advertising campaign, and attend local events in a bid to get the message across.

The number of motorists continuing to ignore the 50mph limit is causing concern.

Arron Duncan, North Safety Camera Unit manager, said: “While the majority of drivers are aware of and adhere to the 50mph speed limit at Laurencekirk, these figures highlight that there is still a significant number of motorists who do not comply putting themselves and other motorists at risk which is not acceptable.

“Since the average speed cameras on the A90 went live in 2017 we have seen an increase in compliance with speed limits on the A90 and an overall improved driver experience using the route.

“However, we still are detecting an average of 20 motorists a day who do not adhere to the 50mph zone at Laurencekirk.

“The restricted zone is signed to a level well above normal requirements but we are now having to look at other alternatives to remind motorists to reduce their speed.”

Plans for a long-awaited flyover at Laurencekirk were put on public display in the town earlier this month.

The Scottish Government is being urged by local politicians to announce a timetable for the project.