A little fairy magic on the Chapleton Trail

The community of Chapelton has turned one of its most popular surrounding locations into an autumn adventure with the introduction of a scavenger hunt and woodland fairy village.

Wednesday, 21st October 2020, 5:31 am

The Chapelton Trail, a 4.5km walk which surrounds the town located five miles south of Aberdeen, boasts plenty of beauty year round, but is particularly charming during the autumn months.

An activity sheet, which is available to download from the Chapelton website or collect from the town’s Slate & Grain brasserie, includes an autumn I Spy checklist as well as interesting facts and history about the local area. In addition, the homes of Chapelton’s smallest residents can be seen in the newly added ‘fairy village’ – a spot which features miniature colourful doorways and gardens at the foot of the woodland trees.

The introduction of the fairy village was led by a small group of Chapelton residents as well as Brio Retirement Living, one of the five housebuilders in Chapelton.

Cara Cormack, who was part of the group, said: “Autumn is always a magical time of year for children, with Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and the festive season just around the corner, and we wanted to kick-start that with something enchanting.

“We know that this year is very different for everyone and with that comes the need to find new ways for families to keep their little ones entertained. We hope that the introduction of the autumn scavenger hunt and the fairy village will provide people of all ages, including those who are visitors to Chapelton, with something different to do – we can’t wait to hear about what they discover.”

Activity sheets for the scavenger hunt are available to collect from Slate & Grain in Chapelton or to download and print from chapeltonnewtown.co.uk. Visitors to the trail are encouraged to share pictures of their autumn finds on the Chapelton Facebook page, with a prize available for the winning entry.

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