Local groups air planning opinions

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The convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Communities Committee visited Stonehaven this week to hear whether proposed changes to the planning system will give communities a greater say in the shape of their areas.

The committee is currently examining the Planning (Scotland) Bill, and wanted to hear from community councils and groups to establish their views.

It aims to improve the system of development planning in Scotland, giving communities the chance to shape their future and support delivery of planned development.

Committee convener Bob Doris MSP said: “It was really valuable to hear directly from community councils and groups in Stonehaven this week to listen to their thoughts on the proposed Planning Bill for Scotland.

“Everyone should be able to have a say on what their local community looks like. Planning impacts where houses, school, roads and public buildings should and shouldn’t be built, and it also plans how we use our outdoor and greenspaces.

“The comments we heard will help to shape our work in examining the bill in full, and whether any changes should be made to ensure Scotland has a world-class approach to planning cities, towns and rural areas in the future.”