New campaign under way to save the Scottish wildcat

Scottish Wildcat Action (SWA) has launched a new campaign to encourage people to help save the endangered species.

Saturday, 23rd June 2018, 12:00 pm

#GenerationWildcat is urging the public - including outdoor enthusiasts, farmers and gamekeepers - to join the fight to bring the ‘Highland Tiger’ back from the edge of extinction.

Dr Roo Campbell, SWA project manager, said: “The time to save the Scottish wildcat is now.

“We are almost certainly the last generation who have a realistic chance of saving this iconic species from extinction in Scotland.

“Wildcats here face three key threats - hybridisation with feral domestic cats, disease and accidental killing.

“Through our #GenerationWildcat campaign we want to reach out to the people who can help tackle these threats by taking action, including reporting sightings of wildcats and un-neutered feral cats.”

He added: “We are already working closely with schools in our priority areas because they are key players in #GenerationWildcat.

“They represent the group who can carry our work forward into the future, educate the next generation and maintain an environment in which wildcats can continue to thrive.”

A sustained marketing campaign, including local events, will be delivered throughout the project’s five Wildcat Priority Areas

The initiative, which has Scottish Government support, is aimed at a number of different audiences, but has a common goal, to save the wildcat from extinction.