Police urge revellers to be safe and responsible

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Police Scotland would like to remind those who are out socialising this weekend in the North East to enjoy themselves safely and responsibly following continued reports of antisocial behaviour and violent incidents linked to the consumption of alcohol.

Repeated warnings have been issued over the past few weeks about the consequences of irresponsible and dangerous behaviour – however a number of people have been charged in connection with violent incidents which could have been avoided.

A number of simple steps can be taken to help prevent you either becoming involved in criminality or becoming a victim, the most simple of all being aware of your limits and pacing yourself when consuming alcohol.

Chief Inspector Rob Sturton, who has responsibility for the Divisional Alcohol and Violence Reduction Unit (DAVRU), said: “It’s no secret that excessive alcohol consumption is linked to a rise in anti-social behaviour and violence as it can lead to people becoming involved in situations they would never dream of when sober.

"Over the recent Easter Holiday period we have been made aware of a number of incidents of this nature which will absolutely not be tolerated and we are ensuring our resources are suitably located to tackle these issues.

“Ultimately though, the best prevention of all is individuals knowing their limits and taking responsibility for their actions. A split second decision can literally change your life which is a consistent message issued through Police Scotland campaigns including ‘One Punch Ruins Two Lives’. Becoming involved in a criminal offence or being a victim of crime can have serious and long-lasting consequences ranging from a significant jail sentence for the offender to a victim suffering life-changing injuries.

“We know how important it is for people to enjoy their weekends off work but it is equally important to do so safely and responsibly. Please don’t ruin it for others and take responsibility for your actions. Look after yourself and your friends and make sure you have a safe method of getting home at the end of the night whether that’s using public transport, a pre-booked taxi or arranging a lift with a friend or family member. Look after your belongings and do not leave drinks unattended. If you have concerns report these to the police or any member of staff.

“We work very hard with a range of partners to ensure the overwhelming majority of people can enjoy what the North East has to offer. I can give an absolute assurance that where a crime is committed by those intent on compromising the safety of others, it will be thoroughly investigated and everything possible will be done to ensure those responsible are brought to justice."