Pressure grows on private water supplies

There is increasing pressure on private water supplies in Aberdeenshire with rain that's forecast not expected to replenish supplies sufficiently.

Saturday, 28th July 2018, 11:00 am

Aberdeenshire Council and Scottish Water are continuing to provide support to a number of properties experiencing water shortages and are encouraging everyone to use water wisely.

Both agencies are working with the Scottish Government to disperse bottled water and tanks to those in the area whose private supply is running dry, at no cost.

Council teams are already dealing with requests relating to around 40 water supplies, serving around 60 properties, a number which is expected to increase.

The council has delivered, or householders have collected, 2,500 1.5 litre bottles of water.

Fifteen 1,000-litre bowsers have been issued and filled by the local authority, which will be refilled as required.

There are more than 7,500 private water supplies in Aberdeenshire – the highest number in the country.

Environmental health team manager Louise Cunningham said: “Most people will be well aware of how recent weather conditions have been affecting the country, but those with private water supplies in Aberdeenshire are acutely aware of the impact it’s having.

“Clearly we all have to use water wisely at times like this, but around 11,500 properties in Aberdeenshire are served by private water supplies, by far the highest number of any local authority in Scotland, and difficulties for these residents could be pronounced.

“We are assisting where we can and would encourage anyone who is having issues with their private supply to get in touch with us, both about short term solutions and thinking about the longer term.

“When rain does come, users of private supplies should be aware that following an extended dry period the water will not be absorbed by the ground quickly and has the potential to run over ground for longer, potentially contaminating some supplies.”