Stonehaven Mars bar challenge rejected

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The Guinness World Records has rejected proposals for an attempt in Stonehaven to have people eating deep fried Mars bars simultaneously.

The attempt is to also include drinking Irn Bru as part of the Feein Market, but will now be deemed as unofficial by the world records organisation.

A spokesperson for the Guinness World Records said: “The event planned by Stonehaven & District Lions Club (SDLC) certainly sounds like a lot of fun and we wish them the very best of luck with it, however Guinness World Records does not monitor records for the most people eating any given food stuff.

“The act of eating is similar irrespective of the food stuff being consumed and it is not unusual for people to eat together in large numbers.”

Michael Hopkins, of the SDL, was disappointed in the decision. “We were a bit cheesed off to have our recorded rejected,” he said. “Especially when one of the records is someone watching a TV for 94 hours.

“We were told our record was not a skill and I don’t see how watching a TV is a skill.”

The challenge will still go on, with Carron Fish Bar providing the food and drink for the Feein Market.