Stoney visit for UK rower

Andy Hodgson's boat in Stonehaven harbour
Andy Hodgson's boat in Stonehaven harbour

A rower attempting a world record by circumnavigating the UK coastline has stopped off at Stonehaven.

Andy Hodgson called into the harbour as he bids to become the first person to achieve the feat solo.

Andy aims to raise £10,000 for the RNLI and the mental health charity MIND.

Until this year, he had never set foot in a boat.

The route is regarded as one of the toughest ocean rowing endurance challenges.

Andy’s boat, the Spirit of Ahab, is a seven-metre Rannoch R15 Offshore rowing boat which is his home for the duration of the 2000-mile venture.

He said: “I will be stopping only to eat, sleep and shelter from any storms. I’ll not be stepping back on dry land until the challenge is over.”

Andy set off from Tower Bridge in June and is hoping to take 100 days.