The Philosophy Cafe offers lively debate

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The Philosophy Cafe is a charitable organisation, a partnership between Aberdeenshire Libraries and The University of Aberdeen, which provides a varied and accessible programme of academic-led discussion in local venues across Aberdeenshire.

The cafes have been running for several years and have attracted a mix of people interested in vibrant street level discussion on issues of the day.

They are open to anyone in the community, no philosophy training is required, although real life experience is desired. Discussions take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere designed to encourage debate, the exploration of ideas and the promotion of critical thinking about society’s challenges.

The cafes also provide an opportunity for academics to share aspects of their research with the wider community.

Speakers enjoy the feedback from those taking part, actively invite comment on their topic and encourage participants to value and think critically about research.

Following recent feedback, The Philosophy Café programme for 2019-2020 has been designed to concentrate on two centres, Inverurie, at the Acorn Centre and Stonehaven, in the local library. 

This will allow events to be held there on a more regular basis. The locations have been chosen as ones where participants indicated they are able and willing to travel to. 

The meeting date has also changed to the first Wednesday of the month. 

All are welcome – the cost is £3 each including tea/coffee –the evening runs from 7 – 8.40pm and anyone interested can simply pop along and pay at the door.

The next meeting takes place on Wednesday, September 4 in Stonehaven Library. Professor Bill Naphy will discuss the Aberdeenshire Witch Trials of 1597. Following that, on October 2 at Inverurie, the mother tongue will be under discussion.

On Nov 6, back in Stonehaven Library, Dr Nir Oren looks at What impact will artificial intelligence have on jobs?