Photographer chats to Probus

Inverbervie and District Probus Club met in The Crown Hotel on Tuesday February 5. Programme Secretary, John Mackenzie, introduced our speaker - the long-established Montrose photographer Neil Werninck.

On leaving school, Neil joined the RAF before taking over the family photographic business. His RAF time had whetted his appetite for an obsessional interest in Britain’s first Military Airstation - established in Montrose one hundred years ago. His photographs, many of them aerial, were absolutely stunning and delightful, especially his final one of an aeroplane caught over the Gillespie Graham steeple of the Old Kirk in Montrose. Over the years the Military Museum has grown. There is lots to see, lots to read (their 4000 volume library is probably the biggest of its kind in Scotland) and much to appreciate. An appreciative Vote of Thanks for a wonderfully enjoyable presentation was proposed by member John Nevill - a man with much hands-on experience in this field.”