Photography competition for Mackie pupils

Miss Hannah Scriven, one of the Support for Learning staff, organises the photography club at Mackie Academy.

Miss Scriven has been encouraging pupils to enter the Photography Focus competition run by Chevron, with a support session on Friday of last week prior to the deadline for electronic entry on Monday of this week.

Mr Jim Henderson of Stonehaven Rotary Club, a keen photographer, was in the Academy last Friday to offer advice to the pupils.​

The S1 Science club is due to start up immediately after the October holidays. Pupils have the opportunity to get involved in a range of interesting practical scientific activities.

A number of faculties offer additional support sessions at lunchtimes or after school for pupils who want to help with some aspect of their coursework.

There are currently lunchtime music composition and maths classes and after school art and chemistry sessions.

These are being offered by Faculty Head of Expressive Arts Mr Barry Drennan for music, Principal Teacher of Art Ms Jenni Nicholson, and Miss Nicola Stephen for Chemistry.

Faculty Head of Social Studies Mrs Pat Coleman is proposing to organise a fieldwork trip to Morocco at Easter 2013. The trip is open to pupils in S3–S6 who study geography and letters were issues last week to pupils who expressed interest in the trip. An information meeting for the parents of prospective participants was scheduled for Thursday of this week.

A round of pupil council meetings was scheduled for this week with Swanley House on Monday, Dunnottar and Ury Houses on Tuesday, Cowie on Wednesday and Fetteresso on Thursday. The Rickarton council will meet on Tuesday.