Planning for Real

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The recent Planning For Real® exercise held by the Stonehaven Town Partnership drew over 300 suggestions and comments from the public who visited the exhibition.

The event was held over the two days of June 8 and 9 in the Green Room at the Open Air Swimming Pool and attracted a large cross-section of age groups ranging from 16 to 70+.

Despite the somewhat adverse weather conditions on the Friday evening and Saturday morning, a steady flow of attendees came to look at the exhibition.

They added their comments using post-it notes to a 3-dimensional plan of the town’s Cowie area. Those who attended provided many suggestions and requests on which action might be taken.

Right now, these are being collated and prioritised and will form the basis of a community action plan by the Stonehaven Town Partnership for submission to Aberdeenshire Council.

STP Chair, Douglas Samways said: “We are delighted that over 300 people gave their views on how they would like to see the area of Stonehaven between the Cowie burn and Cowie village develop in the future. 

“They took the opportunity to let us know what they would like - and not like - to see happen to this part of Stonehaven in the future. 

“When it comes to planning for the future, the STP believes it is essential to consult those who will be affected, not just to ensure that opinions are taken into account but also because planners don’t have all the answers.”

The next similar exercise will take place in the Autumn and will centre on the Old Town and harbour area.