Aberdeenshire councillors plea for fully funded council tax freeze

Three Aberdeenshire councillors have made a plea to the Scottish Government to fully fund a council tax freeze ahead of the local authority’s February budget.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 21st January 2022, 8:24 am
Councillor Leigh Wilson
Councillor Leigh Wilson

Alba Party Aberdeenshire councillors - Leigh Wilson, Alastair Bews and Brian Topping – raised the issue at a meeting of the Full Council and called on the Scottish Government to compensate the council for the equivalent of a 4.5% increase.

Councillor Wilson (pictured), Alba’s national Local Government spokesman, emphasised the importance of the initiative being fully funded.

He said: “It is possible for Aberdeenshire to unilaterally freeze the council tax, which the Aberdeenshire Alba group are proposing because it is absolutely vital we don’t plunge people into financial misery, but without government compensation there will undoubtedly be cuts the council has to make.

"We are asking others across local government, local authorities as well as Cosla, to join us in calling for a fully funded council tax freeze from Holyrood. People need a reprieve, not a winter of despair.

“The cost of living is increasing exponentially with gas and electricity bills rising and people are still suffering financially because of the pandemic. It is absolutely the wrong time to be hitting people with a council tax hike and putting Aberdeenshire residents into even deeper financial insecurity. The council tax freeze was one of the most popular policies the Scottish Government had when they introduced it, and now is the right time to bring it back.”