Baker’s Bulletin - SNP Full Fiscal Autonomy plans catastrophic

During the televised debates between the leaders of the Scottish Parties, Nicola Sturgeon revealed a Barnett Bombshell after weeks of avoiding any questioning on the SNP’s core economic plan, full fiscal autonomy, where only Scottish taxes support Scottish spending.

The policy would mean the breaking up the UK welfare state, and leave Scotland facing a £7.6 billion black hole.

There is a clear choice in this election, more investment in the North East through Scottish Labour’s fair taxes, or huge spending cuts as a result of the SNP’s reckless economic policies.

We cannot afford another five years of Tory austerity, but the reality is that the SNP’s alternative would be even worse, breaking up the UK welfare state as we know it, and ripping billions from public spending for schools and hospitals across Scotland.

In the North East recently we have seen a major dip in the oil industry and without the strength and security of the United Kingdom, it would have been very difficult to provide the support that is required by the industry.

Scottish Labour has a better plan for a fairer Scotland. We’ll invest in our NHS and our young people by using fair taxes like the bankers’ bonuses tax and the mansion tax on properties worth over £2 million. Our plans would mean an extra £800 million a year for Scotland.

The SNP’s economic policy is to turn this money back before it even reaches the border. Instead of redistributing wealth from rich bankers in London to Scotland they want to cut us of from shared UK taxes. It’s reckless and would cost billions.

There is a clear choice on offer at this election. Reckless fantasy finances from the SNP which will end the UK welfare state as we know it and rip billions from our schools and hospitals or Labour’s better plan which will end Tory austerity and deliver social justice in Scotland. In the North East, where we already face the worst funded health board and some of the worst funded councils in Scotland, this economic plan would only serve to harm our public services.