Bervie Braes weight and speed restrictions approved

The Bervie Braes road is currently open on a seasonal basis.
The Bervie Braes road is currently open on a seasonal basis.

Weight and speed restrictions on the Bervie Braes have been approved by councillors on the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee.

Members agreed to a three tonne weight restriction and 20mph speed limit on the Stonehaven route despite hearing from local resident David Fleming, who disagreed with a number of points including closing the Braes in winter and the red and white barriers currently in place.

Mr Fleming spoke at the meeting and urged the council to rethink the restrictions they were due to put in place.

He had also sent a letter detailing his objections, which included the red and white barriers on the Braes.

It said: “The current manner in which the temporary restrictions have been implemented have been roundly criticised in the local community.

‘‘No justification is given in the order for the presence of such an unsightly and excessive barrier.”

In the report to councillors is was noted: “The barriers are only available in high-visibility finishes.

‘‘The cost of replacement with an alternative form of barrier is not considered to be justified and no suitable treatment of the existing barriers to reduce their visual impact has been identified.”

Councillor Graeme Clark commented that Stonehaven might be missing out because of the closure of the Braes

He said: “The iconic trip is to Dunnottar Castle.

‘‘You come along and see the view of the harbour from the top of the Braes and you should be able to go down them and into the town.

‘‘I think Stonehaven is losing out because of this.”