Beware of cold callers

Cold callers
Cold callers

A rise in the number of cold callers operating in Kincardine and Mearns has prompted a response from Trading Standards.

North Kincardine Councillor Alison Evison has also urged people to contact the body for advice.

Trading Standards gave out the following advice on the Aberdeenshire Council website with regards to doorstep selling: “There are traders who call at your door who are honest and genuine. However there are others who may look to take advantage of you by using clever and persuasive tactics.

“They range from high pressure salesmen through to rogue traders, confidence tricksters and distraction burglars, and may provide unfair contracts, overpriced or substandard home improvements, phoney consumer surveys and bogus charity collections.

“Under legislation recently introduced it is now an offence for a salesman to fail to leave your property when asked, and such instances can be reported to us for further investigation.”

How to Protect yourself:

Do you feel safe letting the caller into your home?

Do you feel under any pressure?

Do you feel your emotions are being used or manipulated (e.g. subjected to scare stories or exaggerated claims)?

Do you know the full costs (e.g. including estimates, delivery and installation) of the transaction?

Have you compared prices for the same goods or services?

Do you understand your rights if you sign a contract?

Do you know the arrangements for after-sales servicing (e.g. guarantees or warranties)?

Could you contact the trader again if you have problems at a later date?

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