Blue light hub bid for Inverbervie

Mearns Conservative Councillor George Carr has made a second attempt to establish a blue light service hub at Inverbervie.

It follows a presentation at Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee by Stuart Cruikshank, station manager for Kincardine and Mearns.

Cllr Carr requested that he examine the possibility of establishing a joint Police and Fire and Rescue service centre at Inverbervie, based in the existing station within the town.

Cllr Carr commented: “I was delighted to hear the Fire and Rescue Service respond positively to this initiative.

“We did have discussions about six years ago but unfortunately we failed to get agreement on the joint use of the building.

‘‘The benefit to the public would be to see greater utilisation of a public building which would be a contact point for the police when they are present.

“Since the police station closed in Inverbervie several years ago, there is no contact point between Stonehaven and Montrose.

‘‘I have no doubt that this would be of great benefit to the police and the public along the coast with more crime being reported and tackled.

“I know the community council and residents support this initiative as it brings services closer to the people.

‘‘This is at a time when we see an increasing emphasis on call centres, and services being centralised which do the opposite

‘‘Next steps will be to hold further discussions with Police Scotland and see if we can get agreement this time round.”