Community Council poll

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Stonehaven and District Community Council (SDCC) is holding an interim election, and if there are more nominations than places the polling day will be on Thursday, November 30.

The interim election is an open public election and 12 places are available. The election will be run under the existing SDCC constitution and the SDCC boundary will additionally include Braehead constituents.

Currently co-opted community councillors and those who have already expressed a preference to take part in the interim election need to submit nomination forms to the Returning Officer by the closing date.

This does not apply to youth members who can be co-opted as such after the interim election is completed and such co-option does not count towards establishment.

Nominations close on Thursday, November 2.

The timings of the Interim Election mean that normal business of the SDCC is suspended and that applies to SDCC representatives on various other groups, etc.

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Stonehaven and District Community Council Facebook page.

Current chairman, Phil Mills-Bishop, said: “I look forward to all nominations and the possibility of a larger and more gender, age, and ethnically diverse SDCC.”