Council survey on impact of welfare reform

Aberdeenshire Council are looking for people and organisations who have been affected by changes to the benefits system.

They are being asked to complete a short questionnaire which will help the council to assess the impact of welfare reform in Aberdeenshire since April 2013.

The council wants to monitor the impact of the UK Government’s welfare reform on residents and services in Aberdeenshire.

A key part of that work involves engaging with residents, partners and other organisations that have been affected by changes to the system.

The council’s benefits manager, Susan Donald, said: “We are particularly interested to establish the impact this has had on claimants’ finances, access to services, household circumstances and general well being.

“We would also like to establish the level of support that is required by claimants to deal with the changes taking place.

‘‘The response to this survey will be used by the council to plan for forthcoming changes to the welfare system and review the services it provides to those in receipt of benefits.”

The survey is aimed at individuals who are claiming benefits and have seen a reduction in the amount they receive or are facing a reduction in benefit due to changes taking place.

There is a second survey aimed at organisations that provide a service to people in receipt of benefits, for example advice agencies, housing providers and support services.

n Questionnaires available on the website at: or email or call 01261 813524, 01467 628319 or 01779 484 234.