Euro elections

Voters took to the polls last Friday.
Voters took to the polls last Friday.

It has been revealed that more Aberdeenshire residents took part in the Euro elections in 2014 than the previous ones five years ago.

Voter turnout was recorded as 32.63% for Aberdeenshire - an increase of 3.52% on the turnout for the European Parliamentary Elections in 2009.

The count for the Aberdeenshire area took place at the Garioch Sports Centre in Inverurie on Sunday night.

Residents in Aberdeenshire voted last Thursday for the Scotland region constituency, which returned six MEPs to the European Parliament.

A total of 63,358 votes were counted for Aberdeenshire.

The results are as follows: Britain First: 618 votes, British national Party: 576 votes, Conservative: 15,710, Labour: 6402, Liberal Democrats: 8876, No2EU: 258, Scottish Green Party: 3612, Scottish National Party: 19,802, UK Independence Party: 7420.

The votes were counted manually by dozens of volunteers, overseen by Aberdeenshire’s elections team and counting agents from the participating political parties.

Aberdeenshire Council Chief Executive and Aberdeenshire returning officer, Colin Mackenzie, said: “It is very encouraging to see a higher turnout this year than the previous European Parliamentary Election in 2009, both in Aberdeenshire and many other local authority areas across Scotland.

“It is up to each individual to exercise their right to vote. While there are many reasons that people choose not to take part, we have worked hard to ensure Aberdeenshire’s residents have easy access to the information and facilities to enable them to vote.

For more information on the voting system, see the Electoral Commission’s public information website