Funding boost for local projects

Stonehaven Recreation grounds
Stonehaven Recreation grounds

Stonehaven’s Recreation Grounds Trust are to receive a funding boost of almost £8,000 to help replace fencing which runs along the Beach Road boundary of the facilities.

Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee this week agreed to an application by the Trust for £7,926, which amounts to half the cost of the replacement fencing and installation.

The money was allocated from Aberdeenshire Council’s top-up budget.

A report put before councillors said: “The Stonehaven Town Centre Improvement Group wrote to the Recreation Ground Trustees suggesting that the boundary fence along Beach Road was in need of replacement and that this area was viewed by many residents and visitors to Stonehaven.

“The clients who own residential caravans at the Recreation Grounds have also requested the the fence be replaced as it was seen as untidy and offered little by way of security.

“The proposal is to replace the existing fence with a fence to match that of the Queen Elizabeth Caravan Park which will be attractive, durable and secure.”

The Stonehaven Town Centre Improvement Group was also awarded £5,500 towards improvement projects for Stonehaven. The group was set up in 2014 to address issued relating to the appearance of the town centre.

The group comprises representatives from Aberdeenshire Council, the community council, Stonehaven Town Partnership (STP), Horizon, Stonehaven Business Association and Stonehaven Tourism Group.

Two key prioroties for the group are refreshing the tourist signs in the town, and tackling the seagull nuisance.

£8,000 was also allocated to Auchenblae Parks Committee to support the construction of an Auchenblae pump track and bike trail, which is expected to cost £18.080 overall.

The proposal is to construct a track around the existing football pitch which is owned and managed by the Auchenblae Parks Committee. The track will be open to the public and is suitable for all ages and experience. Planning permission has already been granted for the project, and the group have already secured £10,000 of funding from the Tullo Twinshiels community benefit fund.

Kinneff Old Church Preservation Church were awarded £5,000 towards ongoing work to the walls of the church and the Mearns Cycle Hub received £252.78 towards basic safety equipment.