Mains of Cowie appeal rejected

Mains of Cowie site
Mains of Cowie site

Scottish Ministers have upheld a 2016 decision by Aberdeenshire councillors to turn down an application for a mixed-use development at Mains of Cowie in Stonehaven, including 250 houses, a school and a supermarket.

Developers Stewart Milne had appealed against the decision, but, after a site visit in December, a reporter appointed by the Scottish Government upheld Aberdeenshire Council’s decision.

The report prepared by the Scottish Ministers said that Mains of Cowie was agricultural land outwith Stonehaven’s development boundary, and that there were now plans to build a supermarket at Ury, meaning that there was no need for another one at the site.

The report also states that, as ground to the south of Stonehaven was being reserved for a new primary school for the town, there was no requirement for a school at Mains of Cowie either. It added that an extra 250 houses would put pressure on existing infrastructure and facilities within the town.

At the time of the original application, local authority planning officersa said of the application: “Due to its scale, composition and situation within the visual envelope of Stonehaven the proposal is considered to have a detrimental impact on the existing landscape character and setting of Stonehaven and on the valued Black Hill.

“At the present time, the social and economic benefits of the proposed development are not considered to outweigh the agricultural value of this site.”

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