Maureen’s Matters - Delighted to open first centre

Earlier this month I was delighted to open the first dementia resource centre for Aberdeen and the North East with Alzheimer Scotland.

It will serve as a drop-in for anyone who wants information and advice about dementia, including home provision, support and education for carers, and it will be a great help to all those who suffer from dementia and for their families.

The building at 13-19 King Street has been refurbished to include dementia-friendly features, and is designed to offer practical examples of how to maintain independent living for individuals, and for families living with dementia.

According to a recent report, one in three people born in Britain in 2015 will go on to develop dementia, and it is important that people know that they are not alone and that there is help available.

Dementia affects 90,000 people in Scotland, with Alzheimer’s disease the most common type, and it is a national priority for the Scottish Government. A National Dementia Strategy was put in place for 2013-2016 which provides a minimum of one year of support following a diagnosis with dementia as standard.

Care standards for those with dementia in Scotland have also been outlined so that it is clear that they retain the same rights as everyone else in society. Stigma and discrimination against people with dementia and their carers can often make them feel that they are treated with less respect, dignity and understanding than other members of society.

Alzheimer’s Research UK has warned of a “looming national health crisis” as the population ages and numbers of people with dementia are set to rise. The charity has called for greater efforts worldwide to develop new treatments and I hope that this new resource centre goes some way to improving lives.