Maureen’s Matters - One of my proudest moments

It’s been a hectic six weeks in the lead up to the 2015 General Election but none of us dared to hope for the result that came in the early hours of last Friday.

In all my years in politics the announcement of the West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine result will certainly rank as one of the proudest, as I witnessed my son, Stuart Donaldson declared the constituency’s new MP. It was his maternal grandfather Hamish Watt, MP for Banffshire from 1974-1979, who sparked his interest politics as he recounted tales of his time in the House of Commons.

He told Stuart that if he ever got the chance to stand for Parliament he should take the chance as it was a great experience. Little did we think it would come so soon and result in such success. Sadly Dad died in April last year but I am sure he too would be bursting with pride.

In the wave of SNP support across Scotland, Stuart has become one of the new intake - gaining 41.6 per cent of the vote and elected with a comfortable 7033 majority. Along with the other 55 MPs elected to Westminster for the SNP, he is committed to making sure that the voices of the Scottish people are not drowned out by a Tory majority.

It cannot be denied that the SNP election landslide was unpredicted, and is unprecedented in Scottish politics. I am sure Stuart will be thanking all those who voted for him through this paper and elsewhere in the coming weeks, but everyone in the North East can be reassured that the strong team elected will be fighting for an end to crippling austerity cuts, and for more powers to be transferred to Holyrood, enabling the Scottish Parliament to govern more effectively.

This result is good for democracy across the UK, and I am delighted to represent the people of Aberdeen South and North Kincardine at a time when, with a strong team in Holyrood and at Westminster, we really can make a positive difference.