Nigel’s Notes - We will be bombarded by misinformation

We have just 75 days to go until the Westminster General Election and all the parties are hot on the trail of your vote to get their man or woman returned.

If the last couple of weeks are anything to go by we will be bombarded by misinformation and confusion from the other parties.

Here’s a good example: an election campaign letter sent out by the Tories last week brought up the issue of the Laurencekirk Junction.

It stated that the issue had been going on for too long – fair enough. It stated that a junction had the backing from the local community - absolutely. It also stated that no action had been taken either by local politicians or the Scottish Government – well that’s wrong, evidenced by the current Transport Scotland study that is well under way; and I shall be discussing the issue with the Minister for Transport this week.

But that’s not the most important point here. What is important is that the letter mentions the Laurencekirk junction and rail services – both devolved issues and of no relevance to the Westminster election.

The only issues that we should be concerned about are those that are reserved. These are the powers that have been retained by the Westminster parliament and the only ones which the General Election candidates should be addressing.

Reserved powers include taxation, benefits and social security, immigration, defence, foreign policy, employment, oil, coal, gas and electricity, consumer rights, data protection and the Constitution.

Reserved powers don’t include roads, rail, drinking at football matches, accident and emergency figures or policing. These may well be issues for the 2016 Scottish Parliament election – I hope they are.

The truth is that the opposition are scraping at the bottom of the barrel as they cannot find an argument against returning as many SNP MPs as possible to Westminster to ensure that the issues that affect Scotland are represented by the strongest possible voice.

The General Election is not a re-run of the Independence Referendum. Yes Scotland wants as many powers devolved as possible and that process is under way through the Smith Commission.

However, in order to get the best deal on all matters for the people of Scotland we need MPs from the only party that will fight tooth and nail for us and for that we need the largest representation possible from the Scottish National Party, represented locally by Stuart Donaldson.