Nigels Notes - ‘Fed up with the negativity of it all...’

The Scottish Independence referedum is to take place September 18
The Scottish Independence referedum is to take place September 18

I don’t think it’s a surprise that the polls are showing that the public are losing patience with the Better Together Campaign.

I am certainly fed up with the negativity of it all. At the end of the day we have less than 100 days to make up our minds on the most important issue we have ever faced as a nation, and one that will affect generations after us.

I have absolutely no doubt that a YES vote for home rule will allow Scotland to move forward purposefully and positively; harnessing the potential of us all.

And just to be absolutely clear: how you vote in the Referendum is not a vote for a political party or a vote for or against an individual.

It is simply about whether Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands.

Official figures show that Scotland is an extraordinarily wealthy country, but for too many people it doesn’t feel that way. My constituents tell me time and again how Westminster’s welfare reforms are affecting them and I see the shocking increased need for food banks, and constituents who are in fuel poverty.

Scare stories are also leaving the elderly worried about their pensions and their future security.

This is not how people should feel after working hard throughout their lives, and the truth is that state pensions are safe in an independent Scotland. You could move anywhere on the planet now and still get your pension, and nothing will change.

Uncertainty about the future affects us all, but I would rather be a part of a parliament which is shaping a future that suits the needs of my constituents rather than have it imposed upon them from afar.

The two million Scots who emigrated in the 20th century are testament to the lack of economic opportunity generated here. The Scottish government has so far well protected our education system and our national health service and I have no doubt that, given the powers, we will equally be able to manage the balancing act of welfare and taxation, international relations and defence.

It would be good to have vessels of the Scottish Navy actually based in Scotland and patrolling Scottish waters.

On a lighter note I, like most of my constituents, are looking forwarded to a predicted warm summer. This is going to be good news for the whole of the Mearns and will drive tourists toward this most beautiful part of the country.

The road train to Dunnottar Castle is expected to start in July and will provide a fun activity for locals and visitors alike.

The outdoor pool has opened its doors for the season, and the success of the Feein’ Market last week was a great kick start to what I anticipate will be a super summer for the local area.