Question must be fair

Sir Robert Smith MP has spoken out after a cross-party group of MPs announced that the SNP’s proposed question for the independence referendum was biased in favour of independence.

The Scottish Affairs Select Committee published its report into the proposed referendum question having collected evidence from a series of experts. The experts voiced their opinion that the question was biased and that a clear and neutral question should be agreed upon as soon as possible.

Sir Robert Smith, MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine said: “The Scottish National Party have won a mandate to hold a referendum on independence. They do not have the right to rig that referendum to their own ends. The people of Scotland deserve a reasoned debate and a fair referendum question.”

Independent experts quizzed by the Committee argued that the Electoral Commission was the appropriate body to rule on the legitimacy of the referendum question and recommended that all parties work with the Commission in order to reach an agreement on a fair question.