Stonehaven councillor becomes deputy leader of Alba group

Mearns councillor Leigh Wilson has been named as deputy leader of the Alba Party group in Aberdeenshire.

Friday, 10th December 2021, 8:37 am
Stonehaven councillor Leigh Wilson has been named as deputy leader.

Councillor Wilson, a representative for Mearns and Alba’s national Local Government Convenor, signed up for Alba on the day it was launched and has been acting as interim leader since the group’s inception.

Leading the group will be Fraserburgh councillor Brian Topping and he and Cllr Wilson will be joined by North Kincardine councillor Alastair Bews as they aim to add to their numbers at the local government elections next year.

Cllr Wilson said: “Brian has a wealth of experience that will be vital for the group to draw upon. I’m delighted we now have a formal leadership in place ready to take us into the election. I’m confident we can become the natural home for independence supporters.”

Councillor Topping, a representative of Fraserburgh for almost 40 years, spoke of his delight at now leading the group.

“It is a great honour to become leader of the Alba Group in Aberdeenshire. I’ve represented this area for so many years and it is nice to now have a new role and some greater influence in the council.

"I work closely with my friend and colleague Leigh Wilson and we have a number of ideas that we are keen to progress over the next few months, but we are also keen to work with other parties and groups to find consensus on areas we agree on.”