Supermarket and School plans

Over 170 people visited the exhibition last Friday
Over 170 people visited the exhibition last Friday

Plans to bring a shopping, 
education, business and 
recreational facilities to Stonehaven were unveiled last Friday.

The plans were shown at a public exhibition at the Stonehaven Leisure Centre by Bancon Developments and Dunecht Estates.

A map of Stonehaven shows what the site will look like in context

A map of Stonehaven shows what the site will look like in context

The plans were part of proposals to create a neighbourhood centre at Braehead which will feature a 4,200 sqp supermarket, a new primary school site as well as rugby pitches and recreational facilities.

In addition, plans are also being put forward to extend the existing Mearns Business Park in order to meet the demand for employment land in the area.

Harry McNab, Planning Director for Bancon said: “We believe these are attractive proposals that could deliever real benefits for Stonehaven and the surrounding area.

“It has been said repeatedly that there is a need for better retail, sporting, recreation, school and business facilities in Stonehaven and now there is an opportunity to make it happen.

the proposed sites for Braehead

the proposed sites for Braehead

“At a consultation meeting held by Aberdeenshire Council in Stonehaven recently , it was quite clear that there is a real demand from local people for a supermarket of appropriate scale. There is also a sense of frustration over why it is taking so long. Many people have told us they believe things are going round in circles.

“With these proposals, people who want to see a supermarket in the town need to wait no longer. We intend to submit a planning application very early in 2014.

“Our proposals are not conditional on housing development and the sites include land that has already been identified as suitable for development by Aberdeenshire Council.

“To date we have received very encouraging feedback. In particular, we have had constructive discusions with Mackie Academy FPs Rugby Football Club and we believe the proposed site would be an ideal new home for them.”

Bob Richmond from Mackie Rugby Club said that taking into all factors into account there was a chance of real impact happening with this development

He said: “It is a good opportunity for the club and could really make a difference to the town, the plans have taken into account different aspects including drainage which could have a real impact.”

Over 170 people turned out over the course of the day to see the exhibition with Harry adding he was very happy with the turnout.

He added: “We were delighted with the turnout at the exhibition and there were many detailed, positive and constructive comments which we are now studying.

“There was a strong message from the 170 plus visitors to the exhibition that Stonehaven should have a supermarket as quickly as possible.

“A large number of visitors said they already do their weekly shop our of Stonehaven at one of the larger supermarkets and there was a widespread view that the supermarket should be similar in size to the new Tesco in Banchory or Sainsbury’s at Bridge of Dee. People were also keen to know which company would operate the supermarket.

“Suitable access and drainage would have to be implemented at the sites, and these are issues that are at the forefront of our thoughts as we progress our plans. We will also be undertaking a series of meetings with community groups as we go forward.”

The public is being encouraged to comment on the plans and can visit the the development website