The Ury Estate development: Your Reaction

The Planning application for Ury Estate has caused quite a reaction in the Kincardine and Mearns area.

The plans are for a Commercial Development Comprising of a 3750m Supermarket, Petrol Filling Station, 50 Bedroom budget hotel and Restaurant with Associated Access Roads, Car Parking and Landscaping.

The team at FM Ury Ltd recently gave a presentation at the Stonehaven community council meeting where the supermarket was planned to be similar in size to the Tesco currently in Banchory.

A member of FM Ury Ltd said at the meeting: “we feel currently that Stonehaven needs a supermarket and we think we have the perfect place for it. I don’t believe Stonehaven’s services meet the needs of the community at the moment.”

We have some of your reaction on Facebook with most users happy with the development, with others looking for a new school to be built.

Dorothy Morrison: “Hopefully its a lidl or aldi rather then another big name supermarket.”

Sandra Mcwilliam: “Perfect place but would have to know which supermarket and how long this was going to take before I give it the yes vote.”

Irene Holden: “Hope it’s a quality supermarket, much needed!”

Murray Leith: “Long overdue.”

Rachel Frame: “A quality hotel would be a great asset for the town, but we need to ensure that we don’t turn the town centre into a social and economic void.”

Hayley Cameron: “The council needs to consider schooling in Stonehaven BEFORE approving more houses.”

Craig Gauld: “Do it, add schools and make sure drainage with holding ponds etc are well and truly sorted out.”

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