Volunteers needed for beach toilets

Aunty Betty's Manager Nicci Forbes and owner of The bay Fish and Chips, Callum Richardson.
Aunty Betty's Manager Nicci Forbes and owner of The bay Fish and Chips, Callum Richardson.

One year on from teaming up to keep Stonehaven’s beach toilets open, the owners of two of Stonehaven’s most successful businesses are hoping to continue their success - but they are looking for some volunteers to lend a hand.

After hearing that the often used toilets were facing closure in 2016, the owners of nearby businesses The Bay Fish and Chips and Aunty Betty’s ice cream parlour came forward and contributed their own money to help keep the toilets open for public use.

Keeping the toilets open costs around £12,000 per year, and although use of the toilets is free, donations are gratefully received to help with the upkeep.

The toilets are currently being spruced up ready for another busy summer season, but volunteers are needed to make daily checks on them during opening hours.

Bay owner Callum Richardson said: “The public have been very respectful towards the toilets and have looked after them.

‘‘During the Easter and summer holidays both businesses are so busy we really rely on volunteers to make a daily check on the toilets just to make sure all is ok.”

Keeping the toilets clean is the job of a professional cleaning company who come in at the end of each day.

‘‘However volunteers would be asked to make checks during opening hours to make sure that they remain clean and well-stocked throughout the day.

The two businesses are hoping to create a not-for-profit community-run organisation to run the toilets, which would allow them to apply for funding to help with upkeep.

Aunty Betty’s Manager Nicci Forbes added: “The hope is that eventually the toilets would be gifted to the people of Stonehaven.

‘‘If any profit was made, it would get put back in to the community”.

Anyone who is willing to come forward as a volunteer can contact Callum at The Bay or Nicci at Aunty Bettys to find out more information.

The toilets are open daily from 10am to 7pm.