Pool enjoys bumper day before thunder

Stonehaven Open Air Pool
Stonehaven Open Air Pool

The Stonehaven Heated Open Air Pool enjoyed its busiest day of the season so far last week as the sun beat down on the town.

However, this was to be contrasted with a thunder and lightning storm that night, with heavy rain following through the next day.

Tuesday, July 19 was one of the hottest days of the year so far, and the heat saw 1270 people flock to the outdoor pool.

An average day will see a turnout of between 300-500, depending on weather conditions.

Tuesdays are one of the days - the other being Fridays - when the pool opens at 6:30am, and by 10am there was a considerable number of people enjoying the warm water below the blue skies and sunshine.

The midnight swim the following evening was also well attended: 187 people enjoyed the ‘aqua disco’ compared to 103 for the first midnight swim two weeks before.

However, it was not as successful as the previous week’s attendance of 268, and the pool’s management suspect that this is because of misinformation that is being circulated on social media.

A spokesperson for the Friends of the Pool said: “We believe this was a direct result of rumours that the pool had closed because of the thunder storm that Wednesday and that it would not open for the midnight swim.

“These rumours were totally untrue - the pool remained open throughout the day and also opened as planned for the midnight swim.

“Although lightning is the only weather which can affect operation of the pool, any closure due to lightning, and the risk it poses to swimmers and lifeguards, is usually very short and the pool reopens as soon as the threat of lightning has passed.”

Many people send messages to the pool’s Facebook page, but this is administered by two Friends volunteers who also hold down full-time jobs, so an instantaneous answer is not always possible.

The spokesperson added that while many people seem to believe the Friends are responsible for everything to do with the pool, this is not correct; staffing is organised by Aberdeenshire Council.

The best way to find out when the pool is open is by looking at the “full information on the Facebook page, the website or by phoning the pool on 01569 762134 or the Leisure Centre on 01569 763162”.

“Calling these numbers is also the only way to get informed answers to operational questions,” the spokesperson added.