Portlethen streets are an issue

Pedestrians walking from the Hillside area to the centre of Portlethen will now have a safer journey as the temporary barriers at the bottom of Schoolhill Road have been replaced by a wood and wire fence.

North Kincardine Councillor Alison Evison had asked BEAR Scotland to act and make the route, which leads to the nearest shops and schools in the area, safer.

Councillor Evison added “It was of particular concern that many children were taking this route to school or to play areas with little to prevent them from wandering on to the busy A90. With the current general lack of amenities in Hillside itself, it is essential that children can at least walk safely to reach other facilities. The temporary fencing was some help, but the new fence is a great improvement.”

Meanwhile many residents have raised concerns about the dangerous driving around other areas in Portlethen. Councillor Evison said that many residents have spoke to her about the dangers of speeding cars along Bruntland Road, Oak Drive, Berrymuir Road and Thistle Drive - many of which are used as routes to school by a high number of children on foot or by bike.

Councillor Evison raised the concern with the local police and said “I am pleased that Inspector Stuart Ednie has responded so positively to the issue of road safety in other areas of Portlethen. Inspector Ednie has asked his officers to pay greater attention to these areas and to consider possible enforcement work”.

On another note, residents of Hillside have also raised concerns about the naming of new streets in the area. One worried resident feels that new streets in Hillside are being named with similar street names to housing areas across the other side of the A90.

He says he is stopped daily by people, usually van drivers, trying to find streets that are not in Hillside. Many of the newly built housing schemes there have similar names to older streets in Portlethen. His main concern was for the emergency services and the people whose lives may depend on an ambulance or fire engine getting to their house on time, or for the police force who may need to locate a property within a limited amount of time.