Portlethen waiting restrictions approved

MEMBERS of the Kincardine and Mearns area committee this week approved proposals to impose waiting restrictions around the turning circle and adjacent access road to Portlethen Primary School.

Councillors were presented with a report stating that: “following observation and investigation parents picking up or dropping off children at the school using their private cars are causing persistent problems of obstruction, particularly for the school buses.”

The committee also heard that the problem is a long-standing one, and previous efforts by the school to highlight the road safety implications have failed to have any effect.

School buses are regularly obstructed by parents in private cars, and the road adjacent to the school frequently becomes clogged up with parents dropping off or collecting their children. Recent news that plans for a new primary school at Hillside have been shelved is only set to compound the problem, as the school roll looks set to rise. There are some double yellow lines marked on the road at present, but they do not have a traffic order behind them so the Traffic Wardens are unable to enforce them. The approved proposals will see these lines reinstated as well as additional lines on the south side of the turning circle.

North Kincardine Councillor Alistair Bews said: “I welcome this, I feel that it is long overdue and it will be good for the road safety outside the school.”

Members unanimously agreed to back the proposals. The proposals will see ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ restrictions put in place on the west side of the access road leading from Cookston Road to Portlethen Railway Station car park from the extended east kerbline then southwards for 25m and northwards for 54m and on hte south side from the extended south kerbline of the station car park access road, generally westwards for a distance of 27m or thereby. A four week statutory consultation will now get underway by letter to interested parties such as the AA, RAC, Road Haulage Association and others followed by a four week public consultation when site notices will be erected at the location seeking comment from anyone who wishes to make representation.