Preservation work being carried out at Dunnottar Castle

Preservation work is currently being carried out at one of Stonehaven’s most famous and historic landmarks.

Dunnottar Castle is having preservation work carried out to ensure that the landmark is standing for many years to come.

Residents may see workers using ropes to reach spots around the Castle which were identified as needing work done.

One of the places getting work done will be the stables- the work here will only be seen from the cliffs to the South. The canon emplacement will also be getting work done, this will only be visible from the sea.

Work will be visible near the Castle itself, however the attraction is due to remain open as usual for visitors with the only disruption being possible noise disruption.

The works are of a preservation nature and were identified following a review and inspection of the Castle and the cliff. Much of the work being done is to correct places where erosion has taken place, this includes some underpinning of the cliffs.

All of the work is being undertaken following discussion by Dunecht Estates with Historic Scotland. Historic Scotland have given the go-ahead to the works.

Engineering group CAN are carrying out the works.

After completion, areas where work has taken place will not be identifiable as care will be taken to make sure that there are no visible signs of work having been done.

Dunnottar Castle is open all year round. From 1st April to 31st October - 9am to 6pm 1st November to 31st March - 10am to 5pm or Sunset.